Navarah Hosts - Snowboarding Movies Screening 'Full Moon' + 'Shredtopia'

It's all happening folks - our dreams of screening some snowboarding movies has come true!

We like to think what we do here at Navarah brings people together for the better - we all share a passion for something, and it's always a good time! This event shall be no different, as we host a screening of two amazing snowboarding movies - 'Full Moon' & 'Shredtopia'. And it's FREE entry! Neat, right?

Full Moon Teaser For Transworld Awards from Runway Films on Vimeo.

'Full Moon'

Runway Films [2016]

"There is no Present without the Past & no Future without the Present...
We are aiming to build a piece of history and preserve our cultural heritage in snowboarding. By bringing together this legendary crew, our goal is to bring the community together and empower people to get outside to enjoy the mountains as we do. This is our way of giving back to the sport that has given so much to us."

Full Moon showcases the adventures of an all female crew, led by Leanne Pelosi (snowboarder and producer) and features the life and times of Mary France Roy, Robin Van Gyn, Helen Schettini, Jamie Anderson and Annie Boulanger. What's inspiring about the film is that it has real heart, and not only shows off the skills these ladies have, but also their passion for community, adventure, individuality, friendship and the outdoors. Get ready to feel instantly inspired and ready to hit the slopes!

Make sure you also check out the web series Leanne made to support Full Moon, Sidetracked, giving us a peek into each boarder's back story.

SHREDTOPIA - Official Trailer - Shred Bots from SHRED BOTS on Vimeo.


Shredbots [2015]

"SHREDTOPIA is the latest film from the Shredbots. The crew keeps building, with new additions continuing to build on the idea that anyone can be a Shredbot. Focusing on good times all over, the bots travel to new spots only to realize that when you're strapped in and having fun with the crew, you forget where you are anyways, it's all "Shredtopia" to us. Enjoy!"

There is no doubt that the Shredbot crew know how to bring it! Featuring Torstein Horgmo, Andreas Wiig, Craig McMorris, Anto Chamberland, Brage Richenberg, Werni Stock ,Darcy Sharpe & Mark McMorris, the 45 min feature packs hunners of punch and has an amazing soundtrack to boot. 

Join the movement and come down to the screenings on November the 11th at the Flying Duck! All details and updates available on the FB event below:

Facebook Event - CLICK TO ATTEND!


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