Presenting 'NOT BOARD' - A Snowboarding Art Show

Another year, another Navarah exhibition!

This time round, we've organised the ultimate snowboarding art show - getting together some amazing local artists, throw in some snowboard templates, imagination and voila!

We've given the guys the below brief for NOT BOARD:

Navarah & local cross discipline artists re-imagine their work as graphics for snowboarding - across technical gear, clothing and accessories. The show will showcase the artist's creative process, and how they came from initial concept through to final product​ ideas​. 

This exhibition celebrates the relationship between snowboarding and designer, art with performance, ride culture and creativity​ in Scotland.​

Our own roots started with a love for board sports - but snowboarding is my favourite all timer. I've been riding for about 3-4 years now, and there's just no other feeling like it! It's been such a dream of mine to showcase an exhibition like this in the city. We have such amazing mountains only an hour or two from Glasgow, totally within reach! After an amazing season last winter, I thought I'd better get my act together if I wanted to do this in 2018 - right as the new snow season starts!

Super proud to have new artists with us this year - and of course welcome back some familiar faces too.

Not sure who is exhibiting at NOT BOARD? Look no further my friend!


Stoked to welcome back our fave skater with an amazing graphic design talent! This will be David's third show with us, and we're always excited to see what he brings to the table each time. 

Here's a bit about David in his own words:

"I’m a young, passionate, aspiring graphic designer with a love for typography and illustration, particularly in branding and packaging. Attention to detail and the flexibility in design is what I feel works effectively and I’m always eager to develop and improve not only as a designer, but as a person."

Admittedly, being a skateboarder has had a huge impact on David creativity, and pretty much directs his inspiration - whether that's through street art or music too.

"There is always something that inspires me in my work and to go out and skate. I am also a big fan of 90s Hip Hop. The whole era is just so interesting with graffiti also being part of the hiphop and skate culture where the styles vary and the bold graphics really stand out with often very vibrant colour schemes and how pieces can have such elegant flow in their typography or street art."

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Emer Tumilty

As soon as I spotted Emer's work on Instagram (pretty much how I discover anything thesedays!) I knew I had to get involved in the show. Luckily for me, she was as keen as I was to exhibit! 

Emer is from Northern Ireland, but is now based in Glasgow (lucky for us) and works across a few disciplines:

"With a background in Architecture and Visual Communication, her work draws inspiration from the built environment, the playfulness of Postmodern design and the mathematical compositions of Russian Constructivism.
She uses bold colour combinations and simple geometric forms, working across a wide range of projects from illustration and printmaking to murals, installation and set design."

With previous clients such as Urban Outfitters & Atlantic Records, Emer's work is bold, vibrant and full of life. An ideal style to bring to snowboard graphics!

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Gary Coventry

This will be Gary's second show with us, after exhibiting some sick skateboarding graphics and supporting work at last year's show - STILL GOOD TYPE. Excited to have Gary back to see what he can rustle up with a snowboard!

Gary is a graphic designer also working across illustration & branding.


Lauren Gardiner

Lauren also exhibited work at our last show, Still Good Type, in April last year - and she's back again for NOT BOARD!

Lauren is a University of Dundee graduate, with an MFA in Art Society and Publics and BA Hons in Fine Art - her work focuses on art for well-being/mental health.

"Through facilitating acts of drawing, my practice questions how society shares and understands its experiences with mental health and wellbeing. This is driven by my own experience with mental illness and my use of art as a continuous source of personal catharsis. The positive effects of drawing are of central concern to my practice."

Lou Rowland

Lovely Lou! Another Instagram discovery (sorry not sorry you guys), Lou's work really caught my eye - it's so playful and clever, I'm so glad we got her on board.

"Lou is an Irish multi-disciplined artist and illustrator based in Glasgow. She works through illustration, book design, painting and installations. She is currently completing her MDes in Illustration at the Glasgow School of Art."

Lou has already bagged awesome work with Snapchat, Herstory & The Business Post - wonder what she'll display at NOT BOARD?

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Sam Russell Walker

Whatever our next show was going to be, I had my eye on Sam's illustrations for a while! So with this exhibition, we were involving practices all the way from contemporary artists to set design, so Sam's work would be ideal for us.

"Sam Russell Walker is a Glasgow based Illustrator. He enjoys working in a multitude of ways, not being restricted by materials or any one way of working. His work often includes energetic and loose mark making with areas of detail, collaged together, to make up a composition."

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Thom Clark

I don't think I've met someone quite like Thom - on the one hand someone who is a super talented filmmaker (Thom has filmed work for us too!) but on the other hand, an incredible visual artist. Thom is one of my oldest friends, and he has been working really hard refining his practice over the last few years - we're stoked he's agreed to take part in NOT BOARD!

"In my practice, I use a variety of mediums such as paint, sculpture, and film to create surrealistic, abstract work. I am inspired by the idea of dualism, the relationship of mind and matter, subconscious, spirituality, and mythology. I express my interpretation of the positive and negative forces we live with each day, forces which are blinded by the 'binary iron curtain' of the 21st century. My work aims to reconnect with spirituality and the power of consciousness. My influences include Salvador Dali, Max Ernst, and Frida Khalo."

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Ursula Kam-Ling Cheng - Miss U Kam-Ling

Last but definitely not least! My girl Ursula has some skills - working across illustration, live drawing, graffiti art and visual art Ursula's work is colourful, fun, and incredibly detailed. She's also huge on community art, and is a qualified youth worker - she was also just hailed Fringe Festival Champion Artist 2018  working alongside Granton Primary!

"Fantasy, surreal realities and dreamy nostalgia absorb into her intricate, riotous ink drawings. Playful candy and neon colours fuse into her unique overwhelmed images, which often focus on female individuals  taking central focus in these worlds. 
Broad influences  collide into two-dimensional line work that presents a conversation on the hyper-real future, social ideals and modern expectations. In an age of digital culture and information overload, Ursula's seeks to  harnesses the power of the hyperactive mind."


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